Dye Golf Transformation

Have you ever met someone over the phone and developed a great connection with them?

Connecting with the customer is my number one priority. I must get to know them to be able to figure out what they don’t like and what they do like. Know the customer can make or break your projects.

First, it allows customers to experience a taste of what goes into creating a successful product. Second, it confirms that their input is important. And third, it helps the manufacturer (aka us) discover what the product users actually want.

I know a lot of you guys are going to say but “what if I don’t know what I want?

That is the number one reason why we continue to strive to educate and connect with our clients to make sure they get the best quality work we can provide.

This transformation is one for the books. It started off as a simple quote for mulch and stone edging. We developed a relationship started throwing out ideas and more ideas. It turned into one of the biggest projects we have done to date.

Bushes and trees are going to destroy your foundation. They are going to crack the concrete. So why not let us tear them out. We brought that idea up which then left our client with the biggest project on her own. PICKING OUT FLOWERS AND PLANTS; she had never done such a thing. I think she realized that it was actually kind of fun and very therapeutic.

Well then it was to decided if she wanted something low maintenance or something that was needed to be done yearly. Our client then looked at our pictures from our Facebook page and realized that Red mulch was the perfect one for her!

Pools are in this year too! With quarantine has come a time where people are unable to go to an actual pool so why not get one installed.

Yet here comes the biggest challenge ever! Do you want something low maintenance or something that needs consistent up? With kids running around and in and out the pool why not put down something that can withhold the storm of children and the wear and tear from the chlorine!