River Rock Oasis

When you’re planning out your new landscaping project, where do rocks fit in?

Obviously, no one wants rocks in the grass (mowing would be a pain) but incorporating rocks into your landscaping can elevate its overall look and feel.

River rocks don’t just belong in the river and are a fantastic element to add to any landscaping project. It gives the plants the warm blanket that they need and the pop of color to anything ornamental.

In fact, the name is misleading as these versatile stones can set your new project up for success, emphasizing new designs or serving as a great alternative for filling space. I know a lot of people have trouble growing grass in certain areas so why not place something that is eye catching?

River rocks are a type of hardscaping (using non-living components in your landscaping) that can do so much for a new yard or garden project. River rock can also help limit gravitational erosion in sloped yards and gardens. One of the many uses of river rock is to encourage drainage. Because the round stones do not fit as tightly together as other materials, water can flow through cracks between the stones.

Giving plants the ability to breath better and receive sunlight is why having rock is a great alternative.

Depending on what your goals are, river rocks can be a great alternative to other more maintenance-heavy options.Saving you more money in the long run!

Is your goal to draw your eye to a specific area?