Does aerating, over-seeding and fertilizing actually help your lawn?

Spooky season is finally HERE at least I think it is…..

Are you ready for all the halloween movies? Are you a pumpkin spice fan? However is your lawn ready?

Everyone hates winter! It kills all the color in the world with its snow at least in Indiana it does.

Did you know that if you follow simple steps in the winterizing process now in the fall we can prevent a lot of things and fix a lot of issue for your property!

We all want a bright green lawn, but after a harsh summer or winter, your turf is likely a little dull, thin or patchy. To revitalize your grass, you may consider aerating and overseeding, or creating holes in your soil to plant fresh seedlings. In fact, when done correctly, aerating and overseeding can be extremely beneficial to the wellbeing of your turf. 

Before having someone come out to aerate your lawn please make sure to mow your grass. That way it allows the seeds to be planted and the grass to not be as long.

Aerate stressed lawns to encourage good root development before the upcoming winter. Aeration helps loosen compacted soil and create a better grass growing environment.

Aerating and de-thatching are best done when a lawn can take some abuse and recover easily. Fall is perfect due to the cool air temperatures and warm soil temperatures. Detaching and aerating should be done before over-seeding to ensure the seed makes direct contact with the soil.

Water on a regular schedule to make sure seed and soil stay moist. Sunny locations and dry weather will require you to water more frequently. Using a timer will help you acheive an even growing environment.

How often do you need to aerate?

Performing both aeration and overseeding services will greatly improve the aesthetics and the function of your turf, and doing this twice per year (in the Spring and Fall) will double your efforts but could quite possibly double the likelihood that your lawn is everything you’ve always wanted it to be! 

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