New home….

Did you just build your home?

What should you do to beautify your brand new home?

Are you wondering when to plant flowers, bushes, trees or anything to add to your new home?

not all pictures posted are from the same project.

September is know for being know as the TEASE month. Would you consider it a part of fall? I consider it apart of fall. Its the breaking in of PSL season. You want nothing more than to wear a cute fall out and drink a PSL but its still 85 degrees by 1 o’clock so you settle for a PS Cold brew đŸ™‚

But what about that house you just built?

All you see is dirt. Dirt to the left and dirt to the right. The builders wrecked your precious lawn.

However, you have a beautiful home you just built. But you have kids and they need a yard to play in before they are mandated to stay inside because of the weather.

The most economical option would be to have us over seed and lay some hay to let the grass grow. September is a great time to grow grass. The soil is still warm and the air is cool which is great for encouraging new roots to grow. As the grass prepares for fall it will need less water and save you more money in the long run.

Most people after building a home they want instant results which means an instant lawn.

With an instant lawn however comes a pricier result but the results out do the price any day.

So you have a lawn now. Your house is built and you have grass!

Now what???

It’s time to add some color to your lawn. It’s time to add some beds to your lawn.

What are beds?

Flower beds or mulch beds allow the connection of a pop of color or connection to your house as well as interest. They fill the frame work provided by your trees shrubs and other architectures in your lawn.

Like a blank canvas, new flower beds offer you the chance to get creative and fill it with whatever you can imagine. The options are endless!!

With lots of planning, preparation, communication and sweat we came up with 75 different plants and the need for 25 yards of mulch for this beautiful home.

The finish project is something to remember! Its always a pleasure to collaborate with my clients.

Pick a dry day this month to connect with me. Let me know what you want or how I can help you establish the lawn your dog deserves.